Kathy Knorr

Katsina Community Leaders

Katsina’s are in active use by many generations of Hopi First Inhabitants.. The Katsina (or Kachina) has the purpose  to teach the younger tribal members the sense of community and respect.

http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathyknorr and Facebook
The Katsina  is an ancient symbol for education, given by the leaders  fostering community education.

Therefore, it has become my symbol to express the depth of enjoyment and passion I have for the sharing useful technology skills to the community. Now retired, this page reflects previous work.   In late 2014 I actively supported the #howtosantafe Instagram campaign to promote the beauty and interest in Santa Fe and New Mexico.  Here are a few of the photos we used to promote Santa Fe visitors.

As a  proven social media strategist  I enjoy creating a plan, framework and content for social engagement.  I am very enthused about sharing my   implementation expertise as client educator.

I am a high energy, enthused and educated individual with a strong work ethic who enjoys sharing the wonders of productive computing!  My goal as a proven counselor and strategist for digital marketing and media is to actively participate and add value with a team to integrate digital strategies.

I must confess I prefer not for profit, causes, awareness and information sharing for the greater good!  I enjoyed being the Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube and Vimeo  person for the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens as a volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors from 2011-2014.  I am an avid wood turner, and a member of the local Santa Fe Chapter of American Association of Wood Turners. Photography is also a passion I pursue.  Check Flickr (hint:  only look at the Favorites album, otherwise, you will see I have over 2000 pics!)

Personally, I take the same high road to my life.  One example is my commitment to friends.  For friends and family who have been victims of breast cancer, I have walked in Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60 mile walks.  That is my friend Nancy doing the hand signals of a cancer survivor!

Here we are showing my survivor sister the enthusiasm and support from hundreds of people striving to help find the silver bullet. This is one of several videos. I keep them near my heart on YouTube

Did you know the Kindle will read to you?

Love the Kindle!

Last spring a wonderful pal was traveling and did not want to lug books to the beach!  … “AH! Borrow My Kindle!”  And to teach her how to use it …. Joan and the Kindle Slides    She read lots on her wonderfully relaxing cruise.

Lastly, with my husband of many years we share two wonderful children, happy, principled and delightful people. We are very proud of them as young adults.  We acquired a calico cat from a San Francisco shelter….her name is MeMe. What a  Kute-T-Pie. We retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico late in 2011.

Here are a few of the 2014  wood turned pieces:


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