A Social Media Strategy Example

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what I think about and how I plan for and execute the clients goals.

May 2010 through March 2011 I supported a not for profit, Partnership for Cures. I managed and trained the volunteer staff.Building the social media, website, constant contact, blog, Facebook pages and event marketing, management and promotion was a wonderful enriching opportunity. The final phase of implementing our Social Media Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging funding was in 2011. My role was to  support 4Cures missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media funding/researcher and patient network.

The web update was complete as of March 1, 2011. – take a look .  For your insight please visit the newest partner fundraiser Facebook Page – you gotta love Dogs!  With the newest pages and updates, the Chicago Career Tech participants and I have collaborated  to produce these great results!

This is the  Partnership for Cures (4Cures) (www.4cures.org) first approved draft.  We have a detailed and formal project plan that utilizes these suggestions and tasks/milestones applied. Implementation is on schedule as if / April 20, 2011.   It is an interesting and rewarding volunteer project.  I have grown immensely in the process. I am happy to add social media as a  passion and career. I have enjoyed managing three participants of the Chicago Career Tech program along with the challenge of presenting 4Cures to potential funders and partners and patients.

Social Media Communications Cycle -- kk


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