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An architect from Chicago, invited by the Aspen Institute to represent Chicago at their Environment Forum during July 2010.  She streamed, blogged and twittered her way successful through the Forum.

YET, to get to the forum, funds were required!  We collaborated on this video to raise money for her expenses.  I scouted the settings, assisted with scripting, was the camera person, editor and posted.

-**- October 2012 — Completing a series of videos from the Santa Fe Botanical Garden Winter Lecture Series….. this is a cut from one of the speakers, Dr. Michael Pulman, discussing the History of Hampton Court and its gardens.

Videos for

2.  Partnership for Cures ( is a unique not for profit that assists causes to identify research partners for currently approved drugs and treatments to help 4Cures funded specific disease research and clinical trials.  Here are several examples.

2.1   The  kickoff for a new Patient Impact Initiative in October 2010 and hosted by Dr. Bruce Bloom, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Partnership for Cures, Chicago.

What is funding in medical research?

2.2   Dr. Douglas Feinstein, and I discussed several his lab projects with neurological diseases who has worked with novel/preexisting drugs that have the potential to go to clinical trial. We discussed his work and how he partnered with 4Cures to raise funds for his MS clinical trials.  4Cures grants led to getting treatment to patients quicker.  And this led to successfully having additional funding  NIH to gain further research. It is a wonderful world!

Enjoy watching Dr. Feinstein’s discussion

Interested in additional videos?  Check the YouTube channel for Partnership for Cures and the how to videos.


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