What is your favorite Product? Mine is….

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Share yourself —

Oh! Love the Flip!!

Share your moments!

It’s not about the ultimate product feature; it IS about its ability to share and be accessible.  IT is about moments worth sharing and having the ability to share while the memories are still fresh and being savored.
IT is about being on the #30 Stockton Muni bus in San Francisco, crowded and chaotic and standing squished by the rear door on a cool summer day.  The bus brakes wheezes to a stop, and proceeds loading and unloading passengers. An oriental rhythm, bright red and yellow colors and the action of a parade dragon catch my eye.  I smile.  And I swing the Flip; lean the flip into the window and press the big red button all the while I am staring out the bus window, enjoying observing the dragons’ feet work the tone colors of the beat. I am not looking through the cameras lens, which enables me to enjoy the first hand experience as well as create the replay.  A crowd gathers, children and adults, all smiling and encouraging the dragon dancers. 
The bus doors close, and together we begin to slowly rumble and roll off toward the next stop.  I click the red button again to stop the recording.
I peer down, click replay and have the chance to see the event again.  The noise of the bus and the jostling people all slip away from me for the moment.  And I smile again, watching the replay, noticing for the first time the dragon dancers sharing trinkets with the children who were gleefully observing up close.  The children were eager to receive the trinkets and bow their thanks to the dragon.
This is an example of the accessibility of using the Flip camcorder.  Easy to carry, easy to record and playback, holds a few hours of clips.  Get home and see why the name of the camcorder is Flip… the USB flips out of the camera, and plugs into the computer via those wonderfully universal ports.
And now, another opportunity to watch the dragon dancer scene is made available to me.  34 seconds of vibrant video.  I email it right way (from within the flipshare software application) to my son in Chicago.  I enjoyed sharing with him this vignette from my vacation ‘back home’ to his birth city.
I love the sharing to all my favorite social sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. I am not required to know details such as file format or size is, software does the file type wizardry. This is what makes it all possible, the pocket-sized camcorder, the basic software and fast process to upload, email and burn memories into permanency.
It is great to share these with friends and family of all ages.  And it has been so wonderful to see many of them embrace this technology.  For example, just now I opened my email and a flip video had been shared with me by a wonderful 80 year old friend.  He recited an old Irish poem to his shinny new Flip.

These are the reasons  favorite product is the FlipShare Camcorder.


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